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Oculus: Mobile VR Is Better than Ever

Mobile VR Is Better than Ever—Upgraded Oculus Home, Plus Dozens of New Controller Titles Launching in April
Oculus technologies : “Today, we’re beginning to roll out our biggest mobile platform update yet. We’ve rebuilt Oculus Home from the ground up, reducing load times by up to 3x! That gets you into VR faster, while our new Explore feature makes it easy to find great content and play videos in VR. Plus, we’ve brought unprecedented graphic clarity to mobile VR, with twice the pixel resolution in Home—think of it like upgrading from Standard Definition to High Definition.”

The update will make its way to all Gear VR owners over the next few weeks.
70 New Titles with Controller Support Coming Soon

“We’ve created an incredible lineup for the Gear VR Controller at launch. You’ll have nearly 20 titles to choose from in April, with 50 more to follow over the next few months.

Existing library games not requiring gamepad can all be played comfortably with the built-in touchpad, but new titles designed specifically for the controller take things to another level. The additional trigger unlocks a number of new gestures in VR, like drawing constellations in the night sky, casting a fishing line with precision, and firing guns at your opponent in live, multiplayer standoff.”

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