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By definition as a “Systems Integrator” there are virtually no limits to the smart systems we can design, supply and install for you. The only limit is your imagination.

Control Systems

iPad Control

Icon Control

This is our simple but powerful integrated control system based on the iPad. Using minimal clicks, its operation is child’s play, putting you in control of your environment without complication.

You can choose to have the controls wall or table-top mounted in a variety of high quality finishes tailored to complement your interior design.

Club 39, Monaco
Advanced features :
  • Elegant and simple user interface providing fast and accurate control
  • Gesture pad replaces cursor keys, to navigate on-screen without looking at the iPad
  • Sliding lists for browsing Electronic Programme Guides, internet radio stations or multi-zone audio
  • Rotation to landscape and portrait
  • Sliding lists for browsing TV and internet radio Electronic Programme Guides or multi-zone audio
Club 39, Monaco

Audio Visual

Entertainment should be Entertaining

Our elegant stylish AV solutions are designed to provide a rich, rewarding experience, but also in harmony with your interior design.

We work with you to select the right solutions, based on your, performance expectations, aesthetic tastes and budget. This can include movie and music libraries, multi-language TV services, iTunes / Airplay and existing collections.

Knightsbridge Penthouse
  • Professional grade Surround Sound for Home Cinema
  • Multi-zone control for central sources with Party Mode
  • User friendly music and video streaming and servers
  • UHD / 4K screens and distribution future-proofed with Fibre Optic.
  • Multiple sources shared to all rooms –with our Digital Media router


Sadly, the world is becoming an increasingly uncertain and insecure place. Those people privileged to own a luxury yacht or home will naturally have security concerns and technology can help.


We provide state-of-the-art systems to improve situational awareness and provide maximum peace of mind for yourself personally and for your property. We’ll work closely with you and your security advisors to deliver appropriate solutions to keep you safe on board your boat or within your home. This can include everything from alarm systems to access control, to CCTV systems with infrared lighting, digital recording, pressure pads, safe rooms, safes, perimeter protection, and thermal imaging heat seeking cameras.

In short, we can empower you with a simple but effective intruder deterrent that puts you firmly in control.

IT Systems

The “Internet of Things” has become the single most important concept for the modern world.

The IT network in your yacht or home is the connectivity grid on which so many systems communicate and as such it should be a high priority on any specification. It also provides that all important link to the Internet, upon which we rely so heavily. From keeping in touch on Facebook to watching a live football match or taking an important Skype call, nothing is more irritating than “slow internet”. We recommend an enterprise grade network infrastructure coupled with the best land and air based connectivity solutions to make sure you benefit from the best internet services available.


Our highly qualified network specialists design the entire system so it’s not just resilient, but will also provide complete data integrity, with an effective firewall and anti-virus protection built-in.

Climate Control


We provide convenient control over your HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems from the comfort of your sofa.

Knightsbridge Penthouse

Lights & Blinds

The positive effect of lighting for your home or yacht can’t be underestimated. Light is both functional and artistic, evokes emotions and can transform the mood of a room in an instant.

Lights & Blinds

With intelligent window treatment and lighting control systems, we enable the re-creation of pre-designed scenes such as Welcome, Morning, Evening or Cocktail with a single button press.

The same technology also provides practical solutions such as a “holiday mode” where we can simulate occupancy or time driven events such as automated garden lights at sunset.


At Sea

On Land