Icon Connect – 30 years of switching people on to smart technology

Three decades ago, we started out with a vision of a new and improved “Lifestyle” using system integration for home technologies such as lighting, security and entertainment. This started in an era where things like CCTV, “Home Movie” libraries and building management systems were only seen in the corporate world and even then they were rare.

Thirty years on we have seen programmable TV remotes evolve into touch screens, then Apps. on an iPad and now we are heading towards voice control. TV screens have transformed from Plasma “Flat” screen’s that were 10” thick and required a reinforced wall to support them through a multitude of new technologies, each thinner and lighter than the last with an exponential improvement on picture resolution to today’s UHD 4K standard. Security cameras have progressed from “Grainy” black and white images to HD colour images viewable from your iPad on the other side of the world and lighting has been transformed by energy efficient LED.

Throughout this relentless march of technological progress, our company has weathered the storms of change and emerged with new skills, innovative products and a clearer picture of the future. There can be few industries where a company is required to reinvent itself with such frequency and to reach this milestone is a huge credit to our team of engineers, designers and programmers who refuse to be beaten or accept that a technological challenge is too difficult to solve.

What of the future? History has taught us that nothing is impossible and that our clients have an insatiable appetite for technology in their homes and yachts. For Icon Connect, we will continue to maintain a keen client focus, keep an open mind and look forward to another thirty years of helping to promote a new and improved “Lifestyle” through our systems.