Prior to quoting for a project we conduct a detailed and thorough assessment of client needs and objectives.

 For Connectivity

Depending on your location and needs (from e-mail to Ultra HD Streaming), we will recommend the perfect data service plans. Optimum cost efficient solutions include VSAT and 3G/4G.

Solutions :

  • Global connectivity for  yachts and houses
  • Satellite, 3G 4G, and fibre solutions
  • Service support contracts
  • Short and long term contracts
  • Ultimate flexibility

 For Entertainment

Enjoy entertainment and sports channels whilst on land or at sea, with managed services including Kartina TV, Sky TV (UK and Italy),  DirecTV (US, Caribbean, Latin america) or IPTV.

Solutions :

  • Single contact for all subscriptions
  • Supply and installation of receivers
  • 100% authorised
  • Ultimate flexibility


However complex your project, its success will almost entirely depend on the thoroughness of its planning.

With the benefit of over 35 years’ experience, we provide qualified advice and direction to ensure your project starts with a solid structured brief, strategy and design.

 Key Consultancy Benefits:

  • Client Meetings – We meet regularly with clients, their representatives and other project stakeholders to discuss requirements and advise on technology that is suitable for their project.
  • Process – Our consultation process follows RIBA stage principles to align with other elements of project development.
  • Key Manufacturers – We work closely alongside leading key manufacturers to deliver the latest reliable technology.  If required, we can facilitate visits to selected showrooms with either the client or their representatives to demonstrate hardware in real world settings.
  • Ownership – We oversee the entire process from initial ideas through to project delivery, providing constant updates and guidance every step of the way.


Prior to quoting for a project we conduct a detailed and thorough assessment of client needs and objectives.

The output from this is the core system design strategy which enables us to accurately specify the equipment required and cost the installations.

Cinema Design:

Experience rooms such as a dedicated home cinema require specialized knowledge and understanding of acoustics, projection system design and room layout guidance.


Design activities can range from building Audio video distribution matrices to predictive WiFi heat mapping for a project.


Many of our projects start with an independent assessment of an existing installation.

Site Survey:

Our experienced field technicians will provide an impartial and objective assessment of your current systems, why they may be malfunctioning and recommendations to repair, upgrade or support.

Site Survey:

A full report of our findings would then be backed with a detailed proposal based on our findings and customer objectives.

 Icon Hotline

Whilst at sea, our team perform to ensure we provide speedy resolution to your questions. To ensure our client receives fast response to inquiries, our engineer on duty is available 7 days a week.  The best part of our support services are that you can access them at office or home, every day of the week and get personalized assistance from experts who can keep your  operations running well.

 Icon Remote & Monitoring

Each Icon Connect system includes Icon server. This is our on-board  “Toolbox” for system control, administration, maintenance and management.

 Icon Health

This service includes a 1 or 2 days annual engineering visit by two engineers (software and hardware); in order to rectify any minor faults where achievable in the time frame and to do a full system operations test and report, guaranteeing you a season in complete peace.

 Icon Spares

Whether under warranty or not, the most effective and fastest solution to any potential engineering fault is through the on-board engineers with remote technical support. In most cases, the cause of any electronic issue can be as simple as a failed power supply or component so maintaining an on-board stock of critical spares can avoid frustration, delay and unnecessary cost in resolving issues.

 Icon Support


Support for your IT services including software, PC’s and peripherals, email hosting account administration and data back-up systems.