Technical expertise and knowledge

Sentinel Care

Once your system is up and running perfectly we don’t simply wave goodbye. We see this as the starting point of an ongoing relationship with you. From that moment on we’ll be there to support your needs.


 Icon Hotline

Our team perform to ensure we provide speedy resolution to your questions. To ensure our client receives fast response to inquiries, our engineer on duty is available 7 days a week.  The best part of our support services are that you can access them at office or home, every day of the week and get personalized assistance from experts who can keep your  operations running well.

 Icon Health

This service includes a 1 or 2 days annual engineering visit by two engineers (software and hardware); in order to rectify any minor faults where achievable in the time frame and to do a full system operations test and report.

 Icon Remote & Monitoring

Each Icon Connect system includes Icon server. This is our on-board  “Toolbox” for system control, administration, maintenance and management.

IT Support


For your IT services including software, PC’s and peripherals, email hosting account administration and data back-up systems.

Cyber Security

Statistics show that yachts with weak network security are 38-50% more likely to suffer a cyber attack.

The IMO Cyber guidelines requires vessels to implement a Cyber risk management approach which seeks to identify and assess information assets, vulnerabilities, and risk, to ensure the vessel is adequately protected and has plans in place to reduce/mitigate the likelihood and impact of cyber-attacks.