Finish Line Party – London Monaco Cycle Ride 2016

Icon Connect was proud to support London-Monaco Cycle ride by receiving the cyclists for the welcome lunch on 27th of September 2016.

This sporting event was organized by the renowned design house, Winch Design and the funds raised will support BLUE Marine Foundation.

Their works are focused on the protection of the sea bed to safeguard crucial breeding grounds and reverse the damage caused by overfishing. Many of the world’s fish species are now in crisis and the money raised by BLUE, goes towards research leading to understanding biodiversity and delivering practical and effective solutions by the creation of marine reserves.

Their goal is that 10 % of the world’s oceans should be placed under protection before 2020, and 30 % before 2030.

This was the opportunity to raise yachting industry awareness about ocean conservation.

Help us to support BLUE to protect our planet’s fish stocks!

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