Suzy Dallas & Icon Connect partnership in Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

If you love sexy, sophisticated lighting that exudes that really special wow factor… read on.

For those of us who have experienced the very best in international hotel and spa design such as the classy lighting at The New York Edition, the fantastic spa at the Corinthia in London or the cool elegant design of the Armani Hotel in Dubai, to name just a few, let me tell you a secret. It is possible to up the ante and recreate some of this 6* glamour in your own home. Suzy Dallas with their 360° interior design service including lighting design and the very best in AV technology can help create aspirational 6* living whether in your townhouse, villa, chalet or on your super yacht. Think about how many times you have tried to turn on or off the lights in your hotel room and the frustration when you can’t find the right controls! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to press a button and achieve the mood you want when you want? Dream on. Literally! Pay a visit to Scarfe’s Bar at the Rosewood Hotel in London to see how it’s done. The lighting design is exquisitely in tune with the surroundings and the suites offer the latest technology and intelligent design at a simple touch of a button.

As Glyn Hutchinson of Icon Connect Monaco explains ‘The convergence of interconnected systems is having an ever increasing impact on our daily lives and the ‘Internet of Things’ now provides us with powerful tools to shape and improve how we interact with our homes and intelligent lighting control is arguably the most impactful.’ Enter the smart keypad with prescribed scenes that have been pre-programmed to create your specified ambience. ‘Morning’ which at the touch of one button opens the window treatments and sets the pre-designed level of light while you are digesting the news and sipping your espresso, ‘Task’ which ensures you can see properly when cooking up your favourite Teppanyaki dish on that super Sub Zero and Wolf griddle. Then ‘Cocktail hour’ where the curtains close, the lights lower to create that intimate aperitif hour.

It is now possible to take this once step further by introducing lighting into the mix. So with your morning coffee you can enjoy your favourite radio show playing in the background and at your super cool Ibiza villa you can really set the scene by selecting ‘Party vibe’ where the lights dim, the auto blinds come down, the terrace lights come on low and the Spotify party mix begins. In today’s super hectic world we need to be able to retreat into our own bespoke sanctuary. What is possible? All of the above and more! Integrated systems open up a whole new world of possibilities on how we interact with our homes on both practical, comfort and emotional levels, maximizing the value of your professionally designed property. So let us help you create your bespoke 6* experience so you can start enjoying the very latest in design and technology in your own home.