Samsung Unveils Real 8K Resolution and 8K AI Upscaling for QLED 8K

At IFA 2018, Samsung Electronics unveiled the QLED 8K television, its most immersive and dynamic screen yet. Now available across all international markets, critics and users alike have singled out the QLED 8K for its truly immersive picture, sound and AI capabilities.

But what sets the QLED 8K apart from other 8K televisions and earns it its mesmerizing picture credentials is its ‘8K AI Upscaling’ feature, which harnesses machine learning to transform lower quality image contents into vivid 8K resolution. Not only can you watch content developed in 8K on the QLED’s 3-million-pixel screen, but with the 8K AI Upscaling feature, you can also watch your favorite videos from any resolution – from SD to 4K – transformed to as close to-8K quality as is possible, depending on the source.

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