Icon Connect winner at SBID Product Design Awards 2020

We are very excited to announce that we have won the SBID Product Design Awards® 2020 in the Sound & Vision category .


Icon Connect has a unique Control interface based on a simple, easy to use “No Homepage” approach —every control application is easy to find on every screen.

With an elegant and simple user interface which provides fast and accurate control

  • Control Applications
  • Permanently visible on the top or bottom banners
  • Centre “Control”
  • Changes with each application to present only the buttons you need to control each source or system
  • Minimise Transport Controls
  • Application pages should only show commonly used control buttons
  • Source Feedback
  • Where provided by the current source, metadata is displayed on the panel to allow for “on-tablet” navigation of music etc.

Advanced features:

  • Gesture pad that replaces cursor keys, allowing the user to navigate on screen without the need to keep looking at the iPad
  • Sliding lists for browsing guides, internet radio stations and multi-zone control
  • Upgrade to dual language interface available, if required (Russian/Arabic/Chinese etc.)
  • Rotation to both landscape and portrait
  • Increased control processing power