Custom engineering for a yacht system integrator

Read the full article by Glyn Hutchinson on Yachting Pages Whilst some people get excited about colours, fabrics and finishes in yacht building, for AV-IT engineers, there is a strange obsession with equipment racking. Having the right rack solution for housing and maintaining electronics is a huge plus for our installation engineers and yacht electrical…

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Cat 5, 6, 7, 8: Fibre optic but which to choose?

Read the full article by Glyn Hutchinson on Yachting Pages What you need is Cat 8 as it is the latest and greatest… right? Not necessarily. Anyone who has been involved in a technology project faces the same quandary and in this digital age the cable for most applications is a data cable. Simply put,…

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Behind the scenes of a system integrator’s workshop

Read the full article by Glyn Hutchinson on Yachting Pages Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a system integrator’s workshop? Today’s latest AV/IT systems are predominantly installed in centralised equipment racks and this opens the door to a pre-build and Factory Acceptance Test as part of the project delivery. The…

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What is Digital Audio and is it better than older systems ?

Read the full article by Glyn Hutchinson on Yachting Pages         Video over IP has been around for a while and most people now understand this technology with IPTV, YouTube, Netflix and other IP-based media sources. Audio over IP, however, is a lesser-known entity so here are a few soundbites to help…

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“The Wall” Samsung’s giant TV available in 4 differents sizes

Samsung’s luxurious The Wall TV now has more options — at least, for those with the vast amounts of money and space to get one. The company is taking advantage of production improvements to introduce 88-inch, 93-, 110- and 150-inch fixed screen sizes in addition to the 75-, 146-, 219- and 292-inch options that were…

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Samsung Unveils Real 8K Resolution and 8K AI Upscaling for QLED 8K

At IFA 2018, Samsung Electronics unveiled the QLED 8K television, its most immersive and dynamic screen yet. Now available across all international markets, critics and users alike have singled out the QLED 8K for its truly immersive picture, sound and AI capabilities. But what sets the QLED 8K apart from other 8K televisions and earns it its…

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Crestron Mercury : The ultimate All-in-One meeting solution

Crestron Mercury is the only UC and AV all-in-one tabletop solution that supports any web collaboration application. By combining all the must-have conferencing and collaboration tools in one easy-to-use console, Mercury enables people to work together regardless of location or conferencing application. All others lock you into a single platform. Read more

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HDMI gets an update, new version supports 10K video

HDMI has been the de facto video and audio connection between TVs and digital entertainment devices for years now, but it certainly isn’t the same connection it was in the early 2000s. Now, more than a decade after the first HDMI specifications, the High-Definition Multimedia Interface has been adopted in billions of devices, and it’s…

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Bower and Wilkins 700 Series
B&W : The new 700 series – exceptional mid-range sound for your home

The chassis of the new 700 Series is made from aluminium, a material with a higher specific modulus and stiffness than zinc, which is the old material found in the CM Series. B&W combined this new material with a new form, using an optimised structure, further reinforcing the rigidity of the chassis. Using a superior…

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Bang & Olufsen launches the new BeoVision Eclipse TV

BeoVision Eclipse is the definitive TV featuring the latest 4K HDR OLED screen technology and the world’s best TV sound. The brightest and most vivid colours imaginable delivered with absolute black contrast, lets BeoVision Eclipse reproduce cinematic imagery true to the original source. Read More

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yacht security
Security alert keeping watch on surveillance and technology

As the saying goes ‘forewarned is forearmed’. Awareness of one’s own surroundings is arguably the most important part of any security system on land or afloat. Yacht security systems were traditionally focused onboard in the form of CCTV, pressure pads, access control and maintaining a good lookout. As a result, the first line of defence…

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kymeta flat panel
Kymeta Receives Commercial Authorisation from FCC and Ofcom

Kymeta receives first-ever FCC authorization for 11,000 electronically-steered, beam-forming flat panel antenna terminals in the United States, and unlimited Ofcom authorization for antenna installation in the United Kingdom Redmond, Washington—August 31, 2017: Kymeta Corporation has received blanket authorization from the FCC for commercial distribution of 11,000 of its KyWay™ terminals in the United States. This…

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